A solid wood, dovetailed take on the old milk-crate. These things are strong and beautiful. Comes with or without a ship-lapped solid wood bottom. The with-bottom version stacks and locks into unit below it. Use without-bottom version in series on their side as bookshelves or as display in retail setting. Can also come with side runners to hold hanging files (not shown, see Large Drawers under Storage on the Menu Tree for example of hanging file configuration).

Variations: shown in Cherry, also available in Ash and Walnut. Shown at 14' in all directions, all dimensions variable when 5 or more ordered. Comes with or without bottom, can have runners for hanging files.

All pieces made to order, please write to us at for pricing.


Bed, guest bed, Love seat, couch, storage space. Shown in Cherry and Walnut. Under-seat compartment has enormous amount of storage space. Strong enough for little people and big people to jump on. Cushions shown were made by us on a one-off basis, can be bought on a as-we-have-them basis. Throw big blanket over the top and instant fort for kids.

Variations: type of wood; width; upholstery fabric (can have A and B side to cushion, i.e. A fabric on one side, B fabric on the other just flip it over for a new look!); sliding tray in storage compartment; sliding drink tray/magazine rack for back or side of day bed.

all pieces made to order, call for pricing